Parties and Pedi’s – Dazzle Girl’s Spa

Most little girls love to pretend to be grown-up – playing dress up in mommy’s heels and jewels and putting on make-up. And most moms would admit that they enjoy watching their girls pretend to be them; it’s the sweetest thing to think that your daughter wants to be just like you. While no one’s in a hurry to see their little girl grow up, there is something special about sharing rites-of-passage moments like her first pedicure – the look on her face as she experiences what it’s like to be a big girl.
“The object was to create a place to bring a little girl to, where she could feel special and pampered,” says Kody Bouknight about her new Dazzle Girls’ Spa. The spa recently opened in May 2013 and is located in the Village on the Hill shopping center in Richmond Hill. It is open Wednesday through Saturday, and walk-ins are welcome. “I started taking my daughter with me for pedicures when she was about two. She loved it,” recalls Kody. “One day, as she looked down at her little chipped toenails when she was about five, she said, ‘I need a pedicure’ – like she was unhappy with herself. I thought to myself, ‘What message am I sending? She thinks she needs them to fix her.’ The special mommy-daughter time I thought I was creating was not being interpreted by my little girl as I had intended.”
With this in mind, Kody was inspired to create a place where little
girls could experience the pampering of a spa, but within an age-appropriate atmosphere. At Dazzle, they don’t use “real” tools for mani-pedis. “Little girls shouldn’t have to aspire to be older than they are. The special time we mommies long for can be on her level,” explains Kody. “We do not offer a professional service; we offer an experience.” Strawberry facials, glitter tattoos, soft-file manicures and pedicures, hair straightening, curling and colored extensions are what you will find at Dazzle for your little girl: the complete spa experience, where she doesn’t have to compete with the big girls. And all of it can be packaged as a party, too!
“I love to throw parties,” says Kody. “Growing up in foster care, I
never had a birthday party of my own. I remember saying, ‘When I become a mom, I’ll do this or that…’ My four children have to share everything but their special day. I make [their birthday] as big and as special as I possibly can for each one of them,” she smiles. “I have noticed as I am planning and doing during my kids’ parties that I don’t really get to enjoy them… until the photos come back!” With that in mind, Kody has created a party experience at Dazzle to take all of the party-planning stress off of the mom – allowing her to laugh in that moment and even join in on the fun.
When Kody throws a party, she goes to the extreme. From the cake and cupcake towers, the candy station and goodie bags, to the
photographer and custom invitations, the party packages at Dazzle
leave no detail uncovered. So whether it is a special day for two or a celebration with little friends, Dazzle Girls’ Spa provides a new way to experience special moments together as mother and daughter.

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